• Free Library of Philadelphia (map)
  • 1901 Vine Street
  • Philadelphia, PA, 19103
  • United States

Something preposterous is happening at the Free Library of Philadelphia. You must help us unravel it.

An exhibition has opened containing the original manuscript of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Murders in the Rue Morgue,” the very first detective story. Your guides, members of the Library staff, are behaving… well… strangely.

New Paradise Laboratories invites you into an immersive adventure in detection. GUMSHOE is also an expedition into the treasures of the great Parkway Central Library. It will blend disguise, subterfuge, infiltration, half-truths, and bald-faced lies, to get to the bottom of a crime that hasn’t yet happened. We’ll lead you through secret doors and down escape hatches, both real and imagined, into the underbelly of the building. The truth of life is its mystery.